My mother, among many things, is a philanthropic physician with specialties in HIV/AIDS and Geriatrics. From earlier than I can remember, my two siblings and I joined her at work. Though my brothers couldn’t quite stomach the non-glamorous moments, I was the total opposite. Like a puppy who couldn’t wait to go for a walk and drooled at the sound of a leash, my ears were fine tuned to recognize the sound of my mother’s car keys. As a small child, I’d spend some days learning to read and write in my mom’s office, and other days visiting homeless shelters, volunteering at needle exchanges, and going on home visits. By the time I was in the first grade, I became her unofficial part-time assistant. I would sit down with her and her patients and make them laugh, give them massages, sing for them, etc. This is corny, but there was absolutely nothing in the world that could have caused me to miss an opportunity to go to work with her- not even a family trip to Disneyland (and this was an offer that was made- true story). Those who my mother treated were often people with the warmest, kindest souls suffering through the worst of what this world has to offer. Through experiencing so many hearts, including my own, light up over a single shared hug, smile, song, or act of kindness, I fell in love with the mysterious healing powers of radical love and artistic expression.

Today, I find myself wholeheartedly invested in using a multitude of artistic mediums, both onstage and onscreen, to elevate the levels of empowering visibility for marginalized peoples of all backgrounds in the entertainment industry. I am passionate about using my physical and spiritual vessels to create work and embody roles that encourage receptors of my art to ask new questions about the way we are influenced or controlled by the visible and invisible societal structures that surround us. I hope to create art that ultimately promotes a culture that welcomes challenging questions while striving to achieve the highest possible quality of life for all people.